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J Dilla // So Far To Go (ft. Common & D’Angelo)

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Who gone give me a kidney when I need one of em?

I can scratch my own back but it’s better when someone else does it for me.


Midnight Star - Midas Touch


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"Tired of shit not killing me & only making me stronger"

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this is deeper than him. this is the unleashing of years and years of repressed self-loathing.



that shit didn’t help, but it is just too much for me right now. 


i will always be the girl someone settled for in some area. if it’s not body type, it’s complexion. if not complexion, it’s something else. i will always be missing pieces of the puzzle. so i’ll never be anyone’s anything. i’ll just be tossed around.

Why are so many of us, women, so familiar with this feeling? (._.)

I find myself feeling this way all too often but that’s why I know I’m better off alone.

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If you’re not willing to grow with me or uplift my spirits there’s no room for you in my life…I am tired of people entering and exiting my life as they please…especially when it is convenient for them…I am always there for people..but I am tired of getting the short end of the stick…I am a little rough around the edges but my intentions are pure….


I’ll be whoever God wants me to be for however long I’m supposed to.